About Us

About Us

What We Do and How We Do It

Labyrinth is a capability and strategic marketing consultancy. We work with brand-driven businesses and agencies from start-ups to blue chip, across multiple sectors including FMCG, consumer goods, retail, public sector, pharmaceuticals and more recently, B2B. We identify market and growth opportunities, set the long term vision and goals and then deliver bespoke solutions to step change a brand's growth.

We provide branded businesses and agencies with hands-on problem solving, long-term strategic planning, step change project management, pitch support, additional resource and capability and training programmes – exactly the support and guidance required to help guide you through the marketing maze.

We are hands on, collaborative and flexible and work with businesses in the way that suits them best; as external consultants, as an outsourced marketing department, or in close collaboration, working alongside your team. Find out what makes us different.

Marketing can sometimes feel like a maze - you know where you want to finish but you aren’t quite sure how to get there, or maybe you do but you don’t have the resource or capability at this moment in time. At Labyrinth Marketing we can help you to navigate the maze, solving problems and creating opportunities along the way!

How We Can Help

Brand strategy & development

Step change your brand's performance & long-term growth

Step change projects

Bringing plans to life by leading cross-functional teams


Training and capability

Empowering teams to deliver through training and capability programmes

Agency support

Supporting agencies to deliver clients' brand growth aspirations

Our Mission:

To ensure that no brand growth opportunity is missed because of lack of capability or resource.

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Labyrinth Marketing client - Pukka Pies