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Do You Love What You Do?

I’ve always been passionate about marketing as a profession and I’m lucky enough to say, “I simply love what I do”. The second I was offered the opportunity to give back to the industry through training (over a decade ago now) I jumped at the chance.

This, as well as mentoring, has allowed me not only to give back but has driven me to ensure I am the forefront of the latest theories, approaches, mechanics, etc. – abreast of the industry to ensure the professionals I train are getting the latest thinking.


However, what often gets forgotten is that technical skills are only half the journey to ensuring you as a marketer or your team, are fully empowered to deliver the brand or business growth plans. The other half relates to the people themselves i.e. what they value, believe, personality, mindset and want to get out of their role, the next role and ultimately, life.

I’ve always been passionate about people, what makes them tick and what drives them to deliver results. Having a passion for growth is key and having attended a recent Tony Robbins seminar on just that, it sparked a few thoughts…

Do you love what you are currently doing and have a passion for growth?

Here’s a few questions to ask yourself:

  1. Do you know what you truly want? Are you on the right career path? Do you have clarity on what outcome you want to achieve? All successful leaders know exactly what they want to achieve and do all they can to achieve it!
  2. Do you know what you want to do but something, maybe a limiting belief is stopping you? What has stopped you in the past? Work out why?
  3. Knowledge is not power unless it’s executed. Do you know all you need to know? If not, go learn. If yes, put into practice!
  4. Do you feel uncomfortable? To grow, you need to stretch yourself and step out of your comfort zone
  5. Do you have the help you need from others to succeed? You don’t have to do it all on your own. Work with an expert: Coach (help you define what you want to achieve), Mentor (advise you on how to do it as an expert in the field or topic you want to grow in) or Teacher (impart their knowledge to close a skill gap). You may need all 3, don’t be afraid to ask
  6. Time – Do you have headspace to think about what you want, how to achieve and the energy to change?
  7. Don’t lose heart and celebrate what you have achieved so far for what you have now is what you once longed for and now you have


If you require the support and guidance of an experienced mentor to help you succeed, we can help.  Through impartial advice and encouragement, our mentoring service will provide you with both personal and professional benefits to drive results, improve self-confidence and enable and empower teams or individuals to grow, so…

Let’s get connected:

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