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Brand Planning Refreshed - Labyrinth Marketing
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Brand Planning Refreshed

We know the strength of any brand strategy or plan is the based on the quality of the insights and how stretched (yet realistic) your thinking is.

We’ll support you to achieve this with our fresh thinking, experienced external view plus a variety of tools that will stretch your thinking and up-skill your team whilst doing this.

We can also manage the process to take away the headache, so you can enjoy setting your vision and be free to input – whilst we’re always just a call away.

Who we help

Brand Managers and Marketing Teams, how does brand planning work in your organisation? The long hours, locking yourself away from distractions, the data crunching, PowerPoint formatting, deadlines to present internally and gain buy in… all whilst still delivering your in-year plans.

Fancy doing something different this time around? And ‘refreshing’ your process and putting the joy and passion back into it?

Our Brand Planning Refreshed resource, training and mentoring support ensures you can create an outstanding, commercially-robust strategy to grow your brand.

What we do

We provide you with additional resource and expertise during your brand planning process to identify and deliver growth opportunities for your brand.

Together, we will stretch thinking, creatively inspire and empower your marketing function to drive innovation.

We up-skill your team by sharing new innovative approaches and techniques that they can use in the future.

By setting objectives, facilitating workshops, sharing tools & techniques, crunching data and mining insight (plus all other admin), our infectious passion for the strategic process will keep your brand planning on track – on time and within budget.

Why we do it

We know having lived it…

Long-term brand planning is critical to setting out your growth plans but can be repetitive, complex, time-consuming, stressful and arduous.  As experienced client-side marketers, we’ve been there – we get how painful it can be but we’ve now got a fantastic process to share with you that delivers commercial results.

Vicki presenting at Whiteboard

Labyrinth were strategic, organised, pragmatic and rigorous in their approach. Commercial targets reached only 22 months into a 5 year step change brand plan.

Rachael Bouch, CEO Pukka Pies

With our Brand Planning Refreshed service you will get:

  • More efficient use of your time – we organise the admin and logistics of the process and keep you on track
  • More involvement – you can fully participate to think strategically and add value; we host meetings, set agendas, take minutes, collate feedback
  • More insight – crunch your data for you to unearth new insights, review our own and commission where required new insights
  • More perspective – fresh, external, unencumbered, diverse perspectives to stretch thinking and challenge
  • More momentum – you can just crack on. After meetings and workshops, we take away the outputs, synthesis key findings and collate in templates for your review, recommending next steps
  • More confidence – with our experienced team behind you, we will guide and push you to dream big (within viable parameters of ambition and realism) and make it happen
  • More training – real-time, hands on training from our accredited trainers, to apply to your business; contributing to your team’s learning development and PDPs
  • More creativity – workshop sessions run by leading Creative facilitators and “Disruptive thinking toolbox” to inspire new ways to tackle brand planning challenges
  • More action – a robust, actionable plan to sell-in to the board, aligning stakeholders and commercial teams
  • More results – proven history of delivering commercial growth

We know that the level of support or external view you need varies. Therefore, we offer a range of tailored services depending on your needs, capabilities, timings and budgets. For example, some ideas below: