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Training & Capability

The brief

To collaborate with Britvic’s marketing and finance department to develop a return on investment (ROI) process as part of the marketing investment sign-off process. Embed the process with the wider marketing function by delivering a bespoke training programme; empowering Britvic marketing function to calculate ROI and understand new investment approval process.

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As Marketing is now (or increasingly becoming) the function that leads the commercial agenda of the businesses to deliver commercial growth, demonstrating ROI is vital. An efficient ROI process ensures we are analysing pre and post any investment for the brand or business, to demonstrate the short and long-term gain; as well as setting effectiveness measures and gain learnings that influence marketing strategy.

Together with Britvic’s capability and finance team, we devised an in-house ROI training programme bespoke to their financial processes and P&L. We then created a new ROI template, course content and face-to-face sessions to upskill the team.


Senior Capability Director, Finance team and Marketing team



Upskill – delivered training to the whole marketing function, to explain importance of ROI, how to calculate, inputs required and advise of new form and process. Ran workshops to provide hands on training to embed learning.

Bring plans to life – worked with finance team to scope and build approval process and forms for the marketing function to use after they had completed the training.

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  • Scoped new marketing investment form and approval process with finance
  • Our accredited marketing trainer delivered bespoke in-house marketing training sessions explaining the importance of ROI
  • Explained the new process, ran working sessions to approx 50 people to embed understanding
  • Buy-in from key stakeholders to ensure implementation of the new process

Labyrinth came in to form part of a team that designed and delivered a 3 hour session around return of investment for our marketing budgets to our marketing team of approximately 50 people. Abby has a natural ability when presenting information to connect with the audience and make it look effortless. She answered questions from the team and sounded both credible and authoritative. I would be happy to work with Abby again on other marketing capability projects not only because she is great at delivering information but, more importantly, in being able to facilitate and involve the team which delivers an enhanced learning experience.

Fiona, Senior Capability Manager, Britvic

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