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Agency Support

Pitch Management

The brief

To become part of the agency pitch team, to provide valuable client-side viewpoint, insight, strategy and feedback on the pitch deck and approach.

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As experienced client-side marketers, we’ve worked with many creative agencies and been involved in the selection process for new agencies to join our roster. So we can share what clients are looking for, how to stand-out and demonstrate your strengths throughout the process – not just the pitch day itself.

As white-labelled resource, we were able to support the agency on one of their biggest pitches for a global beverage brand. We interrogated the brief, developed the overarching strategy & planning, and supported our thinking with co-creation workshops to develop insight and ideas for the target consumer.


Managing Director and Pitch team


Upskill – provided a client-side view-point, sharing what makes a winning agency stand out and led co-creation sessions with team sharing method and how to run and facilitate groups.

Bring plans to life – demonstrated viability of ideas with co-creation focus group insight, concept testing and development.

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Labyrinth Agency


  • Successful pitch win for global beverage brand
  • Investment not wasted – we know how time-consuming and expensive the process is for agencies
  • Client impressed with they level of unique insight and consumer understanding

Case Studies

Find out more about the brands and businesses we have helped.

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What is your challenge?

Whatever your challenge, our diverse cross-sector experience means we can bring you stretched thinking and fresh perspective.


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