Agency Support


Agency Support



We work with agency partners as marketing agency mentors. We can help agencies respond to their client’s brief and work with you to win that all important pitch. We can also support with resource, expertise and training, as an extension of the agency team.


Win The Pitch

We help agencies develop the right response to their client’s brief, especially at pitch stage. Clients are looking to agencies to become an extension of their team, which means that ensuring you fully ‘get’ their brand and its challenges and opportunities is key.

We are not just agency pitch doctors, coming to empower your self-confidence and belief system – we are here to collaborate and help you ensure that your proposal answers the brief. We act as the client and provide open and honest builds and feedback to ensure the brief is fully addressed.

You often get only one shot at the pitch to demonstrate your credentials, planning, creative ability and execution of ideas. We can help you make it count.


Having conducted pitches both client side and on behalf of our clients, we have vast experience of what goes into a winning pitch to meet a brand team’s needs. This experience comes coupled with logical, systematic strategic thinking to help with structure and flow, plus open and honest feedback ensuring we are always delivering Labyrinth’s core value of collaboration.

Agency Support

There are times when an agency requires additional support to respond to a brief or client request. Perhaps there is a lack of resource, the scope is outside of their capability, or further support and development is required.

We provide additional resource for your agency – whether you need planning resource, brand consultancy for your clients, workshop management or communications support, we are here to help. We also support agencies with workshops and capability training.

How we can help you win the pitch:

  • We can act as the client, providing an external view – open and honest ‘Fearless foreigner’
  • We can come in at any stage of the process, helping the team or can lead the process by:
  • Interrogating the brief
  • Draft questions for client to gain clarity/credibility
  • Build industry understanding
  • Outline the brand challenges for the planning team
  • Set the consumer task for creative team
  • Ensure creative and activation deliver against the brief
  • Advise on presentation structure and content
  • Check in throughout or as required - creative debates, activation ideas, etc.
  • Dress rehearsal/full review of pitch presentation

Interim support & broaden your offering by:

  • Flexible resource - Avoid permanent costly headcount or fill interim resource
  • White label to provide your clients with broader offering - allowing to be at the start of journey
  • Freelance Planning
  • Broaden offering by providing long term strategy setting
  • Workshops facilitation

How we can help you with capability gaps & support:

  • Training & Mentoring: We can train and mentor your teams to meet brand teams ever-changing agency capabilities expectations
  • Help you meet Brand teams’ expectation of ‘One Team vision’ and ‘Agency Marketers’ and not account directors
  • Strategic thinking: Think long term view and strategic understanding of brand and campaign objective to deliver vision
  • Brand Planning: Be a part of/contribute to the vision and strategic setting process
  • Be abreast of the market: Competitor, trends, see and share it first
  • Commercial understanding: Provide recommendations to deliver commercial targets
  • Analytical approach: Interpret and provide data based recommendations
  • Measurement & KPI Focused: Provide return on investment and set KPI’s as well as review for CIP

Agency Support - How we can help

“Abby is hugely energetic, positive, insightful and organised. Everyone who's worked with and for Abby at BD has benefited from her engaging approach, ability to make the key points quickly and succinctly and provide the right solutions and tools to improve how to think and communicate strategically more effectively. We'll continue to work with Abby as she's adding real value to our people and the agency.”

Allan McLaughlin, CEO, BD Network

“Agency selection and appointment proved how helpful their extensive networks are across the agency world.”

Rachael Bouch, CEO, Pukka Pies