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Brand Strategy & Development

We are passionate about brands and see them as a key business asset. When correctly developed with a strong point of competitive difference, a brand can become your vehicle to unlock growth and market opportunities.

We work with a variety of clients from a range of markets and backgrounds: from large FMCG household brands like Pepsi and Pukka Pies, to brands starting out on their journey and entering the market for the first time. We can help at any phase of brand development.

We know that finding time to work on brand development can be challenging. It could be that you need support to help deliver your brand ideas, your team is under-resourced, or you are unprepared to lead the brand strategy and development process.

You may also find it beneficial to gain external perspective on your brand positioning. If you and your team have been working in the same market for a while, a second opinion can help to inspire everyone to think differently.

So whether you need to develop your brand’s positioning, build a long-term brand strategy, create a brand plan, or use external support to bring your brand to life, we are here to help. Find out how we helped other clients with their brand strategy and development.

How we can help with brand development

We are experienced in:

  • Identifying growth potential: Analysing existing and emerging markets to identify and size potential growth opportunities, and uncovering the challenges your brand may need to overcome to access these opportunities

  • Unlocking growth opportunities: Identifying what it will take to unlock these opportunities: for example, investment, business structure, innovation and activation to get the consumer and customers to buy into your brand

  • Creating a consistent brand identity: Developing your brand positioning, providing clarity for you and for all those who work and come into contact with your brand, ensuring a consistent identity across all touch-points

  • Strengthening your brand: Re-positioning your brand through positioning and activation plans, leveraging the identified growth opportunities and strengthening your position in existing markets

  • Campaign and agency management: Running the agency pitch processes to help you find the right partners - whether creative, media or packaging - to bring the plans to life

Brand Strategy & Development - How we can help

‘Labyrinth built robust long term plans with clear actions to bring the identified growth opportunities to life’

Rachael Bouch, CEO, Pukka Pies