Step Change Projects

Step Change Projects



Step change projects usually occur when a significant growth opportunity or issue presents itself to a business. This could stem from a shift in customer behaviour, changing opinion, or a significant change in the market. Our step change project management and dedicated marketing resource empowers brands to respond to step change opportunities and requirements.

The need to make a step change doesn’t always arise in a positive situation – sometimes it occurs when remedial action is required to turn around a brand’s performance or arrest its decline. If you’re going to be able to act with the pace and power required to effect change, you’ll need time, resource, the right skill set and the right marketing leadership. That's where we can help.

We also act as a ‘skunkworks project’, where an idea or market opportunity has been identified and you need it researched and developed to see if it has the legs to become your next key innovation or project.

Working collaboratively with you and your team, we will lead the project from brief through to delivery. We will set the vision, scope the project objectives and required results, form a cross-functional team and create work streams to progress the project to delivery.  We can work with you and your team - or help bring in resource if your team is light or missing key skills - to bring this vision, opportunity or required action to life.

Find out how we helped Pukka Pies and GSK with their step change projects.

How we can help with step change projects:

  • Identify key project objectives and deliverables

  • Scope and define work streams required to make changes or leverage the opportunity

  • Manage multiple work streams to ensure successful delivery 

  • Evaluate and review ROI

  • Relaunch products and services

  • Review market entry opportunities 

  • Create and implement long term growth strategies 

  • Scope launch plans

Step Change Projects - How we can help

“They very effectively applied their deep understanding of marketing processes to challenge, shape and guide our thinking.”

Brian Green, Multichannel Marketing Excellence Director, GSK