Case Study: Britvic

 Ensuring returns on your marketing spend



Work in collaboration with Britvic’s marketing and finance department to initiate and deliver a bespoke training programme, enabling Britvic to step change ROI capability for their marketing function




During the delivery stage we:

Worked with the finance team to understand their financial processes and P&L

Worked with the finance team to create a new, bespoke ROI template and set the process for approval

Ensured buy-in from key stakeholders, especially regarding course content

Identified, built and delivered bespoke training sessions





Our CIM accredited marketing trainers delivered bespoke in-house marketing training sessions explaining the importance of ROI

Provided innovative methods to calculate ROI and recommended ROI processes for Britvic’s marketing function

Explained the new process, ran working sessions to embed understanding, and worked with the finance team to establish the new process



'Labyrinth came in to form part of a team that designed and delivered a 3 hour session around return of investment for our marketing budgets to our marketing team of approximately 50 people. Abby has a natural ability when presenting information to connect with the audience and make it look effortless. She answered questions from the team and sounded both credible and authoritative. I would be happy to work with Abby again on other marketing capability projects not only because she is great at delivering information but, more importantly, in being able to facilitate and involve the team which delivers an enhanced learning experience.’

Fiona, Senior Capability Manager, Britvic