Case Study: GSK

Empowering over 1500 employees globally to step change their support with digital platforms




To lead the scoping, creation and delivery of a marketing capability programme supporting the roll-out of global multi-channel digital platforms. 





Comprehensive stakeholder interviews with global and local platform leads and senior management, to understand aspirations for the platforms and delivery

Working on the fine detail around technical delivery and functionality of the platform, which included email, click-to-chat, webinar, portal, virtual 1:2:1 and a content engine

Creating and defining a bespoke marketing capability programme

Identifying training objectives for each phase and scoping the process map

Identifying the key target audience for each platform and the training required for each

Identifying the best training methods, using past experiences within and outside of the business

Aligning the training menu with the same key stakeholders interviewed at the start of the project, to ensure delivery against aspirations as well as platform leads




Pitched, appointed and briefed partners to create training materials for the marketing capability programme and to build a web portal to host all materials

Signed off the look and feel of the training materials to ensure consistency with brand guidelines

Set ways of working between agency partners to manage the flow of content to creation and signing off all aspects of the training materials

Delivered the training programme to 22 countries

Worked with global leads in key geographic regions to walk through suggested amends and discuss builds to ensure relevancy and gain buy-in

We empowered over 1500 employees at GSK and step changed their support offering to their customers/HCP’s.





'Abigail from Labyrinth Marketing has supported a number of our internal marketing projects. She very effectively applied her deep understanding of marketing processes to challenge, shape and guide our thinking.’

Brian Green, Multichannel Marketing Excellence Director, GSK