Case Study: Pepsi

Brand development process and implementation
a long-term strategy

Labyrinth Marketing client - Pepsi


To work with the team in-house to lead the brand development process.

To implement a long-term strategic direction for the brand within the UK market.

Build a detailed 18 month brand plan with budget phasing and ensure plan gained stakeholder approval and buy-in.




Worked with the in-house team to identify growth
opportunities in a fairly static market.

Scoped out new opportunities and uncovered
additional routes to market for the brand, allowing them to continue to actualise the positioning which sets them
apart from the competition.  

Sized these opportunities and identified the key
actions to allow these opportunities to be fully unlocked.

Identified the most effective activation strategies to maximise
the spend and EPD required to unlock opportunities.





Created and phased plans into a robust 18 month calendar across multiple channels 

Set the long-term strategic direction

Successful management of a complex stakeholder structure, engaging stakeholders and enhancing collaboration for buy-in at all levels